Tasks Notebook Series: Think, My Life, Meeting, To Do

Tasks Notebook Series: Think, My Life, Meeting, To Do

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We love finding clever notebooks that help us list up tasks and and creative lists. It reminded us of one of our favourite magazine issues called, "List Magazine" created by friends in NYC. Please see this link if you haven't seen this incredibly researched magazine. There were salaries of top models adjacent to salaries of busboys. Lists of last meals on death row, a whole Recyclist section where fashion photographs are shown alongside their inspirations." Not many copies still exist but it is still a joy to read: https://magculture.com/blogs/journal/list-magazine
STYLE NOTEBOOK is a notebook series that you can easily start using whenever you want to, according to your diversifying lifestyle. A selection with different types of content, including short-term schedule management for each purpose, corresponding to various scenes regardless of work or private life. You can change the amount and timing of writing according to how you spend your day and how you feel, so you can start writing in a style that suits you.

In addition, by using it together with the "Work Plan Diary", you can assist with more detailed management, thinking, and information organisation.

Style Notebook exclusive Vinyl covers are also available to protect the notebook and give you an added pocket to store loose Papers

Notebook Types:

"Meeting": A notebook for creating meeting minutes. It is a format for recording one meeting in a double-page spread, and you can record a total of 30 meetings.
Options include:

  • Meeting Title, Date, Location, Agenda, Conclusion / Attendees, Info Next Meeting, Notes

"My Life": is a notebook that collects important things you want to keep in a single volume. Convenience is improved by collecting information that tends to be scattered in one volume.

  • Memorial Day: allows you to write down important anniversaries for each month. 
  • Gift memo: can be filled in separately for the received item and the gift. 
  • To Do:  is a little memorandum in addition to the to-do list.
  • Recipe Memo: Don't forget the ingredients and procedures for newly learned dishes 
  • Favourite memo: lists things you are interested in and your favourite shops.

"To Do": A notebook that allows you to create 31 items of "things to do" in a double-page spread. The memo column on the right page can be used as a remarks column for the To Do list. In addition, since there are 31 steps in total, it can be used as a monthly schedule in addition to the To Do list.

  • Date
  • Check
  • Things to Do
  • Progress
  • Item List

"Think": This notebook is a collection of four thinking tools that help you organise your thoughts and various opinions, and come up with new ideas. Use these tools to help organise your thoughts.

  • Mandala Chart 9x9 : that achieves goals using 9x9=81 squares
  • Coordinate Axes: that help organise and analyse relationships between various things, concentric circles spreading outward from the centre of the circle, time and distance
  • Concentric Chart: that captures changes in generations, etc.
  • Panels memo" that is useful for organising information such as creating 4-panel comics and storyboards, drafting presentation sheets and page composition.

Notebook Size: A5: W14.8 x H21cm

Vinyl Cover A5 Size: W31 x H21.7 cm (unfolded)
Country of origin: Japan

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We hope you enjoy these notebooks as much as we do.