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DARUMA Unpainted XLarge 12cm

€16,00 EUR

The Daruma doll is a centuries-old Japanese traditional wishing doll that helps people to achieve their dreams and goals. Millions of people in Japan regard it as a talisman of good luck and perseverance, making it a poplar gift of encouragement.

You can always draw your own designs on the daruma as a gift for a friend.

How It Works:

  • Decide on a specific goal you are determined to achieve.
  • Both eyes of the Daruma doll are blank. Draw on the right eye of Daruma, to signify your commitment to achieve your specific goal, while matching the color of the corresponding Daruma
  • Place the Daruma doll somewhere visible in your home/office so you are constantly reminded to work on your goal while it also focuses on your goal.
  • Once you have achieved your goal, you can draw in the Daruma dolls other eye to complete it and thank it for its good omen.

Place of origin:
Hand-made in Takasaki, Japan