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UNO HAKE Goat Hair Face Brush Soft

€50,00 EUR

This soft face brush is made from carefully selected goat hair. The goat hair is delicate and gentle on the skin, and features also a quick-drying attribute, even in a bathroom with high humidity.

Uno Hake brushes started their business in 1917. Currently Ms. Chieko Uno works with her daughter Michiyo to continue their family craft. All of their hand-made brushes have been modernized to have an array of modern uses, and to use different types of hairs for the making of various brushes for home use, to clean your face, body, clothes and shoes etc.

For the making of each brush product, animal hairs need to be chosen and prepared seperately. Each type of hair has a different texture, which also needs to be treated carefully with oil.

“Hake” are brushes formed by separate pieces of wood. After drilling small holes in one piece of wood, they attach the strands of hair by hand, as it is the only way that they can ensure that they are tight enough. After this stringing step, they would bond the additional wood plate with the main piece. Lastly, they will apply a finishing step, to cut the tips of the hairs, in order to make them symmetry to each other.

Material: Goat hair / Magnolia wood (handle)

Size: 125*55*20mm

How to use

  • Moisten the brush
  • Gently lather with soap and brush in the palm of your hand
  • When it bubbles, put it on your face and use it gently like drawing a circle.
  • Rinse cleanly after cleansing and remove soap and water
  • Remove moisture with a towel, and then adjust the hair and store in a well-ventilated place with the hair facing down or hanging