Ishi Technical Water
Ishi Technical Water
SUUU Ishi Sponge "Black"
SUUU Ishi Sponge "Black"
SUUU Ishi Sponge "Black"
Ishi Technical Water

"Stone" Water Sponge

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"Stone" Water Sponge



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  • Extremely high-tech sponge created by scientists
  • Absorbs up to 150ml of water

These are highly absorbent sponges which are created to absorb water. They are usually used in the kitchen, next to a sink, or around the house. Your sponge can absorb and hold up to 150ml of water.

This sponge series is originated from a Japanese technology group, that has been developing super absorbent materials for more than 60 years.

While making products that support high-tech industries where the high quality technology is also required, the engineer team has asked themselves this question: Can this state-of-the-art technology be useful for everyone in their daily lives? The result is the brand new creation of this wonderful and charming form, that had never existed before in sponges.

Size: 12.5 × 7.5 × 5 cm
Capacity: can absorb up to 150ml of water

Before usage: When using the product for the first time, or after it has dried up, make it soft and moist first by rinsing it with water.
  • The slightly coloured water that comes from the material is not unusual. As the product is hand-crafted, slight changes in colour or form can occur but this does not affect the product’s functional efficacy.
  • Product becomes solid when dried
  • Place product on water where you want to remove, and absorb by pushing the product
  • Clean product after usage to protect it from mold
Special Note:
  • please kindly avoid to use this sponge for cleaning dirty dishes, the product is designed to absorb water only

Made in Japan