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SIWA Business Card Case

€40,00 EUR

Dark Green

This is a storage case that allows you to smartly classify business cards, and withdraw easily while making the most of the features of the new Japanese paper. Although it has a traditional appearance, it is a case was designed to have three classification pockets inside for a better organization.

The design team has used a new Japanese paper material, called "Soft Naoron" for the making of this series. This special Japanese material is a mix of wood pulp and polyolefin made into paper using paper-making method similar to the traditional Japanese washi making. This material is soft and has the texture of a paper while its durability and water-resistant nature makes it a wonderful material for bags and pouches.

The card case made from this material is really slim and light, which weighs only 6 grams, about 1/5 of the weight of a typical business card / card case.

  • Dimensions: H7.8 × W10.3 (cm)
  • Material: Soft Naoron/washi
  • Place of origin: Japan - Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Prefecture

Care Instructions:

Pull into shape before use. Please note that dark colors may fade or run. Do not wash. Clean with a well wrung out, damp cloth. Do not iron. Please ensure that the item does not come into contact with hot items. Colors may change in the event that the product comes into contact with wet items.