Premium Sesame Chilli
Premium Sesame Chilli
Premium Sesame Chilli
Premium Sesame Chilli

Premium Sesame Chilli Oil

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Premium Sesame Chilli Oil


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  • Premium Sesame Chilli Oil for a little extra spice and for cooking
  • You can easily taste the difference between other sesame oils and this one (think of tasting premium olive oil and supermarket olive oil). 
  • No chemicals or preservatives used and you can taste the difference
  • Very hot and spicy because of the chilli's and the way the spice is extracted
  • Food Pairings: Gyoza, Dumplings, Fried Rice, Ramen, Omelette, Pizza, Pasta. Try making simple Arrabbiata and Napolitan sauce, having with vanilla Ice cream and whatever you want to experiment with

Iwai's sesame oil has been around for more than 160 years and is one of the only companies still using traditional oil extracting techniques (using the stand-still method instead of centrifugals to keep the flavour of the oil) while most other modern sesame oils are extracted using chemical processing and preservatives. The flavour of sesame oil is greatly affected by the temperature and roasting time, and since it is a very difficult task, experienced masters must closely watch over it. 

The Rayu is made by adding chilli powder to pure sesame oil and slowly boiling the spicy and umami flavours of the chilli pepper. The umami of sesame oil and the spicy and exquisite taste of chilli peppers are the result of the craftsman's commitment. No other companies have craftsmen who labour over the rayu boiling process for days until the oil attains the perfect spiciness.

By adding a few drops, you can use it as a seasoning that not only spicy but also adds depth to the flavour and aroma, making the dish even more delicious. It is an indispensable dish for Chinese and Korean dishes such as dumpling sauce, dandan noodles, and kimchi, but it is a chilli oil that goes well with Japanese and Western dishes such as kenchin soup, pizza, and pasta.

Volume : 55g

Remarks: Due to US custom's restriction on food item import, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States.