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SANKODO Eau de Ki Anti-aging Lotion

€150,00 EUR

The Eau de Ki is today’s brand icon, and since more than 90 years draws its origins in the Japanese family business Sankodo.

Established in 1926, the Japanese company Sankodo conceived a mysterious and original water called  « Opal Medicinal Water ». This water met great success when it was put forward to general public by Sankodo. Perceived like a miraculous water, « Opal Medicinal Water » was constantly revisited and improved until becoming Eau de Ki. 

L’Eau de Ki results in a cleverly balanced dosage from 8 Asian medicinal ingredients (jujube, ginseng, umbrella polypore, reishi, lily of the valley roots, cnidium rhizome, Chinese peony, tangerine zest) and 4 western aromatic plants (rose water, rosemary, white birch and lime blossom).

A mystical anti-aging beauty care concept where the power and force of natural ingredients are condensed : that is exactly Eau de Ki’s one. “Ki ”means energy, life, a spiritual Japanese perspective, which refers to Ki as the element that dictactes all of the world’s creations.

Volume: 130 ml