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N°12 - Daiginjo Sake

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N°12 - Daiginjo Sake


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  • A crisp sake enveloped in fruity, soothing aromas
  • An award-winning sake made with Japanese rice, and the purest water from Mount Rokko
  • Best enjoyed chilled, this sake pairs well with tender foods such as seafood and tofu and is sublime as an apéritif or drink to wind down the evening
  • Seafood & Tofu

The brewery is based in Nishinomiya, Japan: it was founded in 1889. It has been supplying the imperial family of Japan since 1913 and is found on all the tables of Japanese embassies all over the world. These sakes have won many awards, both in Japan and abroad.

Providers of fresh, distinctive sake to the Japanese Imperial Household for over 100 years, Sakari delivers elegantly dry and lively refreshment with this fruity daiginjo sake. Brewed in Nishinomiya, this sake benefits from the natural, high-grade quality of local Yamada Nishiki rice, fermented and distilled in the mineral rich waters of Mount Rokko to produce a delicate umami palate of sharp and luscious citrus notes. Using Miyamizu water source, its minerals make it a key ingredient in the production of premium sake

The local rice is called Yamada Nishiki, also known as "the king of sake rice", this rice has a thick grain and the ideal characteristics for making sake. All products are vegetarian, gluten-free and preservative-free. Polished by half to access the intricately sweet and unique flavours of each rice grain, this sake is refined with Sakari's own cultivated yeast to ensure a crisp, refreshing finish. By polishing only half of the rice grains, the authentic and rich taste of the rice is released

Serve Chilled

Alcohol: 16%
Rice Polishing: 55%
Ingredients : Rice, Koji, Water, Alcohol

Junmai Daiginjo Sake is brewed using only rice, water, yeast and koji. There are no other additives. To qualify as a Daiginjo, the rice grain must be milled to 50% or less of it’s original size. Daiginjo Sake is the same as Junmai Daiginjo except a small amount of distilled brewer’s alcohol is added to the sake to achieve different flavour profiles.

Remarks: Due to custom restrictions on food related items, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States and Russia.