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PRE-ORDER / Andon Snow Crest Bipedal Lamp

€1.190,00 EUR

Condition PRE-ORDERS:

1) Lead time for this craft lantern model:
  • 30 days starting from the date of the order confirmation
2) Optional payment method / Paypal ONLY
  • Customer could choose to confirm the order by email to:
  • 50% deposit payment at order confirmation, balance before shipping
Content: lamp + one incandescent bulb 40W

Lamp size: W242 x D242 x H547mm
Cover layer: mino transparent Japanese paper
Body/base structure: by unpainted Japanese cedar solid wood
Content: lamp + one incandescent bulb 40W
Plug type: European

Inspired by the traditional lanterns used in Japan, the design team has built a brand new structure for this new series of lamps from the use of original material, while combining also the classic Japanese cultural lanterns styles with an exceptional modern design.

The cedar wood is used to form the shape of the frame. And by making a full use of the technique of the Japanese handicraft, the entire struction is made only with wooden frames, without the use of any nails. The base that supports the main body is made of solid wood. And the handmade Mino Japanese paper is used to build the the light-transmitting shade layer for the lamp.

Nowadays, LED light bulbs have become the mainstream light source, and by using an incandescent light bulb, we have made it possible to reproduce colors with taste. By dimming the brightness of the lamp, you can enjoy the warm colors like dusk and flames !

Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan