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PORTER Tanker Khaki Classic Backpack

€325,00 EUR

  • Classic Style Porter Backpack 
  • Number of pockets: Exterior: 2 / Interior: 2 
  • The Nylon is light and easy to carry and very strong
  • Tanker is a cult piece that and you will start to get and give a nod of approval by fellow Porter fans
  • Hand-sewn by one craftsman to ensure that no errors are made
  • Porter bags are universally loved for their incredible attention to detail, craftsmanship, the thought that goes into making fabric, as well as pockets and attachments exactly where you need them

A daypack of the recommended size for daily use. The main compartment is sized to hold A4 size documents, and it is a highly practical item with a simple design with a clear pocket inside the front pocket.

An original fabric inspired by the MA-1 flight jackets of the U.S. Air Force. It has been  loved more than a quarter of a century, since its first release in 1983 and remains a best selling series. This bag is made from three-layers of fabric, composed by nylon twill (front) + polyester cotton (intermediate layer) + nylon taffeta (back). The bonded material is light and soft, and is accentuated with the bright orange lining.

Details of “MA-1” are also carefully adopted for all the parts. Both the black and sage green bodies are used to accompany the bright orange (or “rescue orange”) lining. The coating of metal parts (zippers, hooks and carabiner-type hooks) are designed to age beautifully as you continue to use them. The aluminium fasteners and snap button style used for this model were also rare at the time. The paint was designed to peel off  slightly with use so that changes may appear naturally and the bag will age beautifully.

At the time of series release in 1983, because it was the concept of “Travel series of military taste with the motif of MA-1", duffel bags and shoulder bags were mainly developed. Originally, the colour was only sage green. Half a year later a black colour was added. Silver grey was announced in 2014. 

  • YKK Zip Closure
  • Logo Patch
  • Made in Japan

Outside: Nylon twill (bonding finish on polyester side)
Inside: Nylon taffeta
Number of pockets: Exterior: 2, Interior: 2

Dimensions: W28 x H40 x D13 cm
Weight: 440g
Holds 10 Litres

As a general rule, Porter asks that you never put their bags on the floor when you are not at home.

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    Original gift packing
    with our traditional Japanese white rice bags
              Customized original Japanese gift bag

    Make your own gift sets now from a selection of different items on our site. Add this gift bag into the cart, and inform us about the sets that you wish to make in the note section before check-out.

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    NOTE before ordering this gift bag:

    • This offer includes a special individual packing, for your ordered item
    • Please kindly inform us about the exact products to be packed, in case multiple items are involved in one order
    • Suitable to pack product & products with global volume up to around 320 x 180 x 75mm
    • Cannot be ordered independently without other product

    Packing Details:

    • White Komebukuro rice bag: 3kg
    • Closed and tied manually by our team, with white wrapping string

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