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PORTER HYPE Waist Bag Navy/Black

€365,00 EUR

PORTER Yoshida HYPE Waist Bag is a series made from two types of nylon fabrics, the cordura nylon and also the ripstop nylon. A military feel is well added to the series, by changing and mixing the color scheme of these two nylon materials.

A nylon cord is attached to each of the mouth pockets of the bag, and with this special design, you can open a pocket by easily hanging and pulling the cord with your fingers. Besides this functionality, these additional colored nylon cords give also an unique design accent to the model.

This two-layer waist bag mode has also a high storage capacity. In addition to the main storage section, with a size sufficient to accommodate a 500 ml PET bottle, the front layer section, where the partition pockets and mesh pockets are arranged, can be also used for storing mobile devices and other small accessories. As well as a waist bag, you can use it also as a shoulder bag with a diagonal hanging.

Each PORTER Yoshida Bag is handmade by one single skilled craftsman in Japan.


Cordura Nylon
Rip-Stop Nylon

  • Ref: 384-17839
  • Size: W270 / H165 / D120
  • Weight: 430g
  • Hand made in Japan