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NODA MISO Instant hatcho Miso Soup

€13,50 EUR

A product containing two each of "Akadashi" using "bean red Hatcho miso" and "Awase" using white and red combined Hatcho miso.

It is made from the simplest possible materials, such as using natural soup stock with a gentle taste, so that you can enjoy the original taste and umami of miso that has been cultivated over a long period of time in a wooden vat and natural brewing.

You can enjoy miso soup with rich ingredients just by pouring hot water.

Ingredients miso: [Akadashi] Miso (soybeans (produced in Aichi prefecture), salt), bonito broth (bonito powder, salt, sugar, yeast extract, kelp powder) / sake
[Awase] Rice miso (soybean (produced in Aichi prefecture), rice (produced in Aichi prefecture), salt), bean miso (soybean (produced in Aichi prefecture), salt), bonito flakes (bonito powder, salt, sugar, yeast extract, kelp) Powder) / Sake
Ingredients: Green onions, fried tofu, wakame seaweed
Weight: 81.6g (red soup 20.4g x 2 meals, total 20.4g x 2 meals)

Noda Miso is a manufacturer of naturally fermented soybean miso, dedicated to the promotion of Japanese food culture through the practice of the traditional fermentation method using wooden barrels. For more than 80 years, the company has been known as Kuramoto Masuzuka Miso after the name of the area from which it originated.Since its establishment, Noda Miso has advanced hand-in-hand with local soybean agriculture in the Aichi region.