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NIKKA Whisky From the Barrel

€45,00 EUR

After blending the aged malt and grain liquor, they are barreled again and stored again for several months. This re-storage is called "marriage," and during this time, whiskeys with different personalities become deeply familiar as if they were married, creating a harmonious taste. Many re-stored whiskeys are adjusted to an alcohol content of about 40-45% by splitting water before bottling, but "From the Barrel" minimizes splitting water and has an alcohol content of "51". Set to "%". Delivering a rich and delicate aroma and a harmony of taste created by re-storage (marriage), along with a strong drink.

Recommended way to drink

"highball" whisky and soda --- Since it is not defeated by soda, the balance of flavor is maintained even if the ratio of soda is a little high, and by adding soda, you can feel the aroma and richness of this whiskey. Since the alcohol content is "51%", the ratio of whiskey and soda is recommended to be around [1: 3.5]. Of course, you can add more soda if you like. It is a "tasty highball" that makes you feel the richness and aroma of each bite and the depth of the finish.

On The Rocks --- If you want to enjoy the richness of "51% alcohol", then on the rocks. On the other hand, the crush ice style (whiskey mist) can be enjoyed because the body is solid. the aroma and taste are well-balanced even in a fairly cold state with plenty of crushed ice. Thick gorgeousness spreads as a powerful finish.

Alcohol: 51%