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Nigori Yuzushu 500ml Alc. 12.5%

€35,00 EUR

This unfiltered Yuzu liquor has become a real best seller over time. Very surprising like all the liqueurs of Asahara Shuzo, the Nigori Yuzushu has the special feature of leaving the palate fresh and clear, despite a very beautiful aromatic persistence. On citrus fruits, a beautiful acidity and liveliness.

Yuzu is a rare and highly popular citrus fruit in Japan. It has an irregular surface and its pot produce a very refreshing fragrance. For those who discover for the first time, this is a real surprise! The variety used by the brewery of Asahara is special because the skin of the fruits is thicker and thicker than the Yuzus in other areas. This liquor is to be enjoyed as an aperitif or a light digestive, fresh or on ice, and is a really interesting cocktail base.

Volume: 500ml
Alcohol: 12.5%
Brewery: Asahara Shuzo (Saitama Prefecture)