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NAWRAP Body Wash Towel "Charcoal infused"

€19,00 EUR

This body wash towels is 100% naturally made with no dyes or chemicals used during production. The charcoal towels are also naturally antibacterial and anti-odor.

Has excellent breathability, water absorption, and quick-drying properties.
In addition, the durable fabric allows you to use it for a long time.

size : 32cm x 85cm
Weaving: 4 layered
Composition: 65% natural charcoal infused rayon, 35% cotton

Product features:

  1. Great capacity of water absorption
  2. Become extremely soft after washing/removal of coating
  3. Anti-bacterial and anti bad smell for Binchotan and Persimmon versions
  4. Much more long-lasting, Nawrap towels are much stronger than normal one layer weaved towel
  5. Great breathability, thus much quicker to dry

    Washing Instructions:

    • Washing machine safe, with a recommended washing temperature 40 degrees and below, but allows up to 60 degrees maximum
    • After washing, please allow the towel to dry naturally, dryer is not recommended
    • After drying, please iron the towel to make it softer before usage !