Natural Hiba Room & Pillow Mist
Natural Hiba Room & Pillow Mist
Natural Hiba Room & Pillow Mist

Natural Hiba Room & Pillow Spray

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Style:Aroma Mist Spray
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Natural Hiba Room & Pillow Spray

Aroma Mist Spray


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  • Refresh your room with this Hiba Wood spray
  • Anti bacterial so it will also clean your room
  • 100% natural 
  • For refreshment: When you want to change your mood while working, or when you want to avoid drowsiness while driving.
  • As a room fragrance: Spray on spaces and curtains to spread the scent quickly in your room.
  • As a fabric mist: Spray several times on clothes, curtains, bedding, etc.
  • As a pillow mist: A quick blow on the pillow. The scent of high-quality cypress promotes a comfortable sleep.
  • As a deodorant spray: For places where you are concerned about odours, such as room wallpaper.

Use it to clean your room or bath for anti-mold and anti-bacterial purposes, or use it to deodorize and freshen up areas with bad smells, such as curtains, pillows, and stuffed animals.

Use for cleaning rooms and bathrooms as an anti-mold and antibacterial agent.
Alternatively, use as an aroma, deodorant where there are unpleasant odors, around the pets, etc.

Spray and wipe around your dog or cat's litter to freshen up the air.

*The spray bottle is a special trigger that releases a lot of fine particles at once.

If you're running out of spray bottles, please take a look at our great value refills.
Aomori Hiba Essential Oil Distilled Water 1000ml_DISTILLED WATER

Contains about 1-2% of hiba essential oil, but it is less oily and smoother than WILD INCENSE spray , so you can use it to wipe down your room floors, doorknobs, or table tops, as well as for anti-mold and anti-bacterial purposes, and for deodorising and freshening up areas with bad smells with the scent of hiba.

When extracting Hiba wood oil, the water is distilled with essential oil by steam distillation. (1-2% including Hiba wood oil)

Ingredient: This is distilled water made with essential oils when extracting them by steam distillation. (Contains 1-2% essential oil)
Contents: 350ml
Place of origin: Aomori / Japan