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Mori Kougei Wooden Trays

MORI KOUGEI Round Rays Tray L "Indigo Dyed"

€485,00 EUR

Raystray is made with unique pasting style in which the color of the wood pattern changes depending on the angle of the light.

Tsuki-ita, the wood veneer sheets, having one corner cut in an acute angle are pasted around from the center. When you hold the tray and tip it in a different angle, it seems as if rays of light are beaming out from the center. We call this design “Kosen-hari,” meaning pasting like the light-beams in Japanese.

A Japan-blue color large tray.
This product is dyed with traditional Japanese indigo dye extracted from knotweed, through a traditional dyeing procedure called woad-vatting.
MORI KOUGEI is located in Tokushima Prefecture, one of the renowned locations producing indigo dye.
The dye elevates the beauty of the grain patterns especially in beautifully figured wood (with shine).
If you hold the tray in your hand and tilt it to a different angle and change the way the light shines on it, not only does the color of the wood change but it also makes shiny rays of light run across, just as if it’s a beam coming out from the center. This is a very special feature enhanced by this cut and paste design.

Larger in size than usual, but lighter in weight. It can be used to carry something, and also in many other ways, like placing it on a sofa or even on the floor.

Tree species:indigo dyed sycamore
Finishing:Urethane clear coating
Product design : graf

About handling of goods

  • An excessive impact causes damage, so please be careful.
  • When touching moisture, please keep after it's wiped up by dried cloth.
  • When it has been done in the state which is still wet with water, it's a stain and causes wooden breakage.
  • Please don't keep in the location with a lot of changes of the temperature and the humidity and the location exposed to the direct sunlight.

Each product is hand-made from natural materials. There may be a slight difference in the shape, color and wood grain patterns due to the inconsistencies of the materials. There may also be some scratch marks or unevenness.