"Les petites mains" Gardening Set-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
"Les petites mains" Gardening Set-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
"Les petites mains" Gardening Set-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
"Les petites mains" Gardening Set-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net

"Les Petites Mains" Gardening Set

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"Les Petites Mains" Gardening Set


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  • Elegant, modern gardening set to elevate your everyday gardening experience
  • Stainless steel with white enamel coating and a beach-wood handle
  • Only local craftsmen are employed, and all the wood used is sustainable
  • Made in "Tsubame Sanjo", an area with a history of over 400 years in metal work
  • Created by one of the most prominent family run companies providing ikebana and gardening tools since the 1950's
  • The washi packaging makes it wonderful gifting option for friends who love to garden
  • The size of the tools are also perfect for indoor gardening

“Les Petites Mains “ was was designed as an elegant gardening tool set, created by Flower artist Keiko Yoshino, a flower art master who performs in Japan, Paris, London, and other locations internationally. 

Comprised of beach-wood from Nigata prefecture is used with the “Snow Beech Project”:  a program to effort to re-grow forests and make quality products, while revitalising  the community. Long ago, these trees were used to produce charcoal for heat, but as charcoal was replaced by coal and oil, the forests were abandoned. The purpose of the Snow beech project is to ensure these materials are being used more effectively to prevent the wasting of limited resources, and to show our gratitude for the blessings of nature. 

Japanese stainless steel is used for the blade with an enamel coating, the steel tip is exceptional because it is a special stainless that uses carbon. This rare combination works more efficiently because the steel is extremely hard and can dig into the ground much more forcefully than regular stainless steel. 

White was chosen for the clean image to contrast with the soil, greenery, and flowers.

Included in this set:

  • Small Shovel: 5.3 x 20.4 x 2.5 cm
  • Claw for breaking earth, weeding, and a cultivator for planting: 5 x 19 x 8.5
  • Pick for detailed work and seed planting

Material: Beach Wood & Carbon Stainless Steel
Made in Japan 

Care Instructions: Care instructions: Please wash the dirt off with water and dry before storing in a dry tool kit. You will find that the enamel is much easier to wash than regular stainless steel.