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"Japanese Scents" by Incense Masters-www.Japan-Best.net-Acacia-Japan-Best.net
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"Japanese Scents" by Incense Masters

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"Japanese Scents" by Incense Masters

Acacia Koh-shi


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How to Use
  • Incense made in Awaji Island : the birthplace of incense in Japan
  • Created by incense artisans to create "Japanese Fragrances" without the use of artificial fragrance oils
  • Immerse yourself in genuine Japanese natural scents 

Whether for relaxation, meditation, or for welcoming guests Awaji Island incense brings the spirit of Japan into your home.

Incense began to be manufactured about 160 years ago, in 1850, on Awaji Island. The Awaji Island incense masters have maintained the quality of Awaji Island incense, which has been cherished throughout its long history and tradition.

The “Japanese Fragrance Series” features varieties of incense created by the Awaji Island Koh-shi who are committed to maintaining the high quality of traditional Awaji Island incense.

Crafted by skilled artisans, each type brings a gentle, timeless scent for you to enjoy.

  • Contains 100 sticks 

Always use incense in a well ventilated room and be safe!