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HINOKI LAB Hinoki Bath Salt Pink Wood 300g

€48,00 EUR

Hinoki aroma bath salt, a Japanese traditional ritual for relaxation

This bath salt is made from Himalayan salt, which contains rich beneficial minerals, and a blend of 3 types of finest hinoki essential oils, which were carefully steam distilled in the Shinjo Village. With the natural hinoki fragrance, you can enjoy the deep relaxation, while bathing with this salt, like you are walking in the forest !

The pink salt contains rich Ca, Mg, and other natural minerals, which could effectively soften skin and gently warm the body, and achieve a deep overall relaxation of the whole body during bath.

Volume: 300g

Hinoki is a species of cypress native to Japan. For centuries, Hinoki cypress wood has been praised for countless and precious uses: from the building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to the making of the therapeutic aroma. Hinoki is often applied to enhance the Japanese forest bathing experience, Shinrin-yoku.

The aromansists of phytoncides, substances emitted by plants and trees, help the body feel pure and provide natural relaxation, just like walking in the wild forest.