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HINOKI Aroma Mist Relaxation Hinoki Wood

€30,00 EUR

Refreshing and deodorant natural fragrance from Japan.

Blends of Hinoki essential oils and Chamomile. This is a multi-use spray to help relax, refresh the atmosphere and also deodorize your clothes with hinoki aroma.

Carefully selected, sustainably harvested hinoki timbers are used for the making of our essential oils. The unique and signature spicy and cypress woody scent could relaxe you deeply.

How to use:

  • For refreshment: When you want to change your mood while working, or when you want to avoid drowsiness while driving.
  • As a room fragrance: Spray on spaces and curtains to spread the scent quickly in your room.
  • As a fabric mist: Spray several times on clothes, curtains, bedding, etc.
  • As a pillow mist: A quick blow on the pillow. The scent of high-quality cypress promotes a comfortable sleep.
  • As a deodorant spray: For places where you are concerned about odors, such as room wallpaper.

Hinoki is a species of native cypress tree which grows in Japan. For centuries Hinoki has been praised for countless and precious uses: from the building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to its therapeutic aroma. Hinoki is often used to provide a Japanese forest bathing experience, as knowns as Shinrin-yoku.

The aromansists of phytoncides and substances, which are emitted by plants and trees, could help purifying and relaxing the body, just like walking in a wild forest.

Ingredient: water, cypress oil (wood), ethanol, Roman chamomile flower oil
Contents: 150ml
Country of origin Okayama / Japan