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Copper Tamago pan 18cm

€85,00 EUR

Tamago pan is the most popular pan form in Japan for making delicious omelets. In Japan, it is also common known that most of western style frying pans are not recommended to use for cooking rolled eggs, as they are usually made with layers of metals, to allow a even distribution of heat.

And this professional quality Tamago pan on the other hand, is made from copper, which affords greater control over heat direction, and targeted conductivity, which is one of the essential factors for creating nice and delicious omelet with thin egg layers. This special rectangular shape pan form is popular not only because that it ease the process when flipping and rolling eggs in the pan, but it elimitates also the arduous task of trimming your egg roll post-cooking.

This traditional style Tamago pan is hand-made in Japan, and comes with cypress wood handle, which was designed with two conveniently spaced rims for a solid grip when rolling.

Size: 18 x 18 x H3.3cm
1) pan: copper
2) handle: cypress wood

Special remarks:
Whether copper, stainless steel, or cast iron, all good quality pans require a minimum degree of thorough cleaning to ensure their longevity. And though copper is more prone to tarnishing, but this can be easily taken cae of with the copper cleaner, or by rubbing down with a little tomato ketchup !