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PILOT Gold Capless Fountain Pen, Black - Medium Nib

€228,00 EUR

Gathering the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, copper and its 18k rhodium plated gold, Capless fountain pen is the perfect item for a collection or start writing with fountain pen. Every part of the pen can be modified, as the wish of its user: different size of nibs, pre-charged cartridges or empty pump cartridge, that can be used with "Iroshizuku" inks.

The perfect combination of luxury and technology, the body of this exceptional fountain pen houses a mechanism of rare precision which allows the nib to retract into the barrel when not in use. 18 Karats gold nib. Barrel and body made of brass. Gold-plated clip and rings. Capless is available in 3 different nib sizes: fine, medium and broad. An extra fine nib size is also available on request.

Main features:

1) Japanese 18 carat gold feathers traditionally give a more thin line than European or American feathers.

2) Press the push button for the feather to fit into the body of the pen. You will be able to handle the pen and write with the same hand.

3) This unique and revolutionary pen combines practical, comfort and pleasure to write.

4) Perfect alliance of luxury and technology, its body houses a 18 carat gold rhodium rhodium plated by a mechanism.