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Botanical Acrylic Cubes

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  • Beautiful desk accessory
  • Real flowers in Acrylic Cubes

Offers beautifully preserved plants, exquisitely in the form of a 4x4 cm acrylic cube. They can be arranged and combined in multiple patterns to inspire sensitivity and learning.

Size: 4 x 4 x 4cm
Material: Acrylic resin / dried plant
Product Usage: Paper weight

Remarks: Each plant is unique, might come with a variation in shape and colours

The American Sweetgum - Botanical Meaning: Loyalty
A notable because its leaves turn to beautiful colours in the fall. The thorn-covered cones are not single cones, but in fact many cones combined into one. In fall, the cones would dried up and open, then the seeds would come out. 

Balloon Plant - Botanical Meaning: Proof of love
A heart like pattern on the surface of the seed is a “bellybutton.” It is a footprint of the nutrition as it feeds the seed inside of the fruit. As its name suggests, its fruits resemble a balloon.

Bunnytail Grass - Botanical Meaning: Strong yet gentle
A member of Poaceae family, native to Mediterranean region.Bunny tail grass is exactly what its name implies. The shape and color of golden flower panicles are attractive as an ornamental plant.

Dandelion - Botanical Meaning: Live with the Wind
The fresh dandelion was collected and preserved inside acrylic cube by the skilled craftsman. Its fluffy round ball is a high performing parachute. When rains, the parachute ball will close like an umbrella, and when it dries, it will reopen and fly up to the sky.

Dawn Redwood - Botanical Meaning: Reunion
For many years, experts thought that the dawn redwood has extinct, and could only be seen in fossilised form; but a living dawn redwood tree was discovered in China in 1941. As a result, it has come to be called a “living fossil.”

Eucalyptus - Botanical Meaning : Light my fire
There are more than 700 species of Eucalyptus, and they are mainly native to Australia. Eucalyptus contains oil inside the leaves, and it is one of the cause for mountain fire in the dry land. This has made Eucalyptus being known as the “gasoline trees.”

Fennel Flower - Botanical Essence : Sweet Temptation
When the fruits of this flower dry, they spit open and the seeds come out. For many generations, these seeds have been used as medicine and to add aroma to sweets. 

Globe Thistle - Botanical Meaning: Secret
The globe thistle has thorny flowers, but each of these thistles is a small bud, before the flowers bloom. After the flowers open, the globe thistle is transformed into a soft, fluffy flower.

Glove Amaranth - Botanical Meaning: Love
The pink segmented that look like flower petals are actually leaves that protect the flowers which appear as small heads peaking among the leaves. 

Huayuro - Botanical Meaning: A happiness charm
The faboideae plant is originated from South America. Their unique red colored seed has been cherished as talisman accessories since the time of ancient Inca Empire.

Immortelle - Botanical Meaning: Everlasting sun
The “Immortelle” flower takes its name from the word “immortal”—meaning “everlasting.” “Helichrysum,” the scientific name of the plant, is derived from a combination of the Greek words “Helios (sun)” and “Chrysos (gold).” These small golden flowers are like the sun that never burns out.

Japanese Walnut - Botanical Meaning: Harmony
The insides of the hard Japanese walnuts are squirrels and mice’s favourite, which carry the nuts to their dens and store them for food. Most of the nuts would be eaten, but those that are forgotten would germinate in the spring. 

Karamatsu - Botanical Meaning: Unwavering spirit
The name came from the way its leaves are attached resembling a pine tree (matsu) in the Chinese-style painting(kara-e). Its pine cone will open itself when dried, allowing the seeds in between to fly far.

Lunaria Annau - Botanical Meaning: Wishing upon the moon
The name "Luna," is derived from the Latin word for moon, as the thin disk-shaped fruit looks just like the moon. When the fruit ripen, the exodermis and seeds fell off, and left the silky white semitransparent endodermis standing. 

Nogurumi - Botanical Meaning: Strength
Its spiny fruit has earned it the name “Fox’s comb” or “Monkey’s comb” in Japanese. The seeds come out from between the spines on the cones, and are carried away by the wind.

Rose - Botanical Meaning: Love Known as one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, has been appreciated since ancient times. It has even a strong appearance in the Epic of Gilgamesh from ancient Mesopotamia.The rose is also famous for being loved by Cleopatra, “a woman of surpassing beauty”. A carefully selected rose, in its height of beauty, has been captured in eternity in a transparent cube in Japan.

Rough Cocklebur: Botanical Meaning: Tactical manoeuvre
The sticky seeds that get on your socks and shoes. It grows thorns with curvy edges to protect itself from being eaten by animals, as well as traveling by sticking to humans or animals, in order to spread the seeds far. 

Sea Lavender - Botanical Meaning : Forever charming
Native to Mediterranean region. It is one of the most beloved cut flower in the world. Since the color of the flower is rather long lasting, it is also widely enjoyed as dried flower. It has also gained its fame as the "everlasting flower."

Shell Ginger - Botanical Meaning : Careless Caring
It is known as “moon peach” for the shape of the bud. The seed from the dried open fruit is used for making medicine and herbal tea.

About Somei-yoshino: It is synonymous with cherry blossoms for Japanese people. This is also one of the most representative species of wild cherry blossom found in Japan. The origin of the name is said to be that the gardener of "Somei Village (currently Komagome, Tokyo)" in Edo, who sold this flower under the name of "Yoshino". It grows fast and blooms well, so it has been long loved by public, and spread nationwide for ornamental purposes.


Strawflower - Botanical essence: Reliability
The flower petals are dry like straw, and make a rustling sound when being touched. Strawflowers are native to Australia, where they are thought to have evolved in such a way as to prevent moisture from being easily lost on that very dry continent.

Tiger’s Claw - Botanical essence: Spirited
Also known as the “Devil’s claw”, its two claws sticks to the animals, carrying the seeds far. The claws slowly open when the seeds are ready to be sown.

Velvet Leaf - Botanical essence : Powerful lifeThe fruit of the Velvet Leaf has approximately a dozen cubicles, and each will tear vertically when ripe, ready to spread its seeds. The seed is covered with a hard shell, which can hide in soil for 20 years before it begins to bud.


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