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BANSHU HAMONO Higonokami Folding Knife Black Oxide

€45,00 EUR


Size M: 165 mm unfolded, with a 72 mm length of blade
Size L: 172 mm unfoled, with a 74 mm length of blade
Special treatment: black oxide finishing

This famed Japanese pocket knife, comes with a shape that hasn't changed since the Meiji period (1868-1912). This folding knife is very versatile and can be easily carried in your bag, and to be used for many purposed. Only one last crafter, Motosuke Nagao, who has inherited the family's blade crafting skill, is able to produce the true Higonokami.

His family has intially started the knife making at Miki, which is one of the birthplace of iron-sand crafting in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. The crafter Motosuke is the 4th generation, and to recruit one skilled member of his family was also part of the creation process of this famous pocket knife series.

The handle of this pocket knife is made of brass and the blade is made from the famous Japanese “blue steel” (aogami). As the Higonokami knifes are purely hand made, each knife is unique, and may come with a slight difference, resulting from the variations during the final finishing step.

Brass and steel knifes can be perfectly polished and sharpened at home, making it a precious tool but patina is always coming back, showing higonokami's true value: being an humble and daily tool for the ones who appreciate them.