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BANSHU HAMONO Nigiri Basami Grip Scissors

€70,00 EUR

These carbon scissors are used for cutting thread and for complex areas. They come in a number of variations, such as with rounded tips or curved blades to prevent damaging the fabric. Nowadays, its rare to find people with the ability to make these types of scissors from a singler rod of iron by hand. As with tachi-basami, because they are made of high-carbon steel, wa-basami, because they are made of high-carb on steel called Aohagane to make wa-basami, which is toughter and more durable than other metals.

Each item is handmade by one of the craftsmen from the Banshu region of southwest Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

120mm/Black oxide finishing

Please use these strictly for fabric cutting and refrain from cutting paper with them to keep them sharp. The Scissors are extremely sharp so please use with care and make sure to keep out of the reach of children. 

Care: After use, clean the blade with cotton soaked with olive oil to prevent it from rusting.

Information: Grip scissors made by craftsmen in their 70s. It uses blue steel and has a long-lasting sharpness. A unique pair of scissors that can be held in your hand while you work. Due to its simple structure, it is easier to sharpen than other types of scissors.