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BANSHU HAMONO Ikenobo Basami Ikenaba Scissors

€145,00 EUR


Scissors for bonsai, specifically for cutting flowers with thick stems like lilies and other flower arrangements. They come in different sizes such as Koryu style and ikenobu style. The blades are set at an acute angle in order to cut cross-sections without crushing plant fibers, allowing for flowers to absorb water and live longer.

Length 180mm 237g

Since the Edo era (1603-1868) the blacksmith and hardware industry known as Banshu (in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan) started long ago as a Katana (sword) manufacturers. Each sword carefully handmade which have stood the tests of time and are still remain an exceptional instrument.

Banshu Hamono was originally a family business coming from this region and history of craftsmen. What began as an industry producing swords, they began to produce knives for the kitchen and have since expanded to now manufactures a variety of products including utility knives, traditional Japanese razors, Japanese gripping shears used for cutting thread, pruning shears, floral shears, and various gardening tools.

Each individual piece is painstakingly hand-made by skilled craftsmen using the same techniques that have been employed for generations. For about 250 years, various new designs have been created to meet the needs of customers.