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AZMAYA Tea Pot Side Handle Medium

€95,00 EUR

Delicate and beautiful.

This exceptionally lightweight Tokoname teapot is fired with a cobalt pigment added to the clay, which gives the teapot a look of refinement. Because the strainer inside the pot is made from the same material, the original taste of the tea does not get affected, as it would have with the metal strainer.

This tea strainer, which was designed to have fine holes in a thin flat ceramic plate, and special method was used to ensure that the strainer part does not clog easily. The lid goes through a process called “rubbing the lid” where it rubs against the body, making it highly sealed and resistant to leakage. By useing this tea pot, you would be able to pour out the very last drop in the pot, which is known as the "golden" drop in Japan.

The unglazed finish blends smoothly with tea, and lets you enjoy also the natural and exquisite matte texture of the clay !

Composition: 100% Ceramic/clay
Size: 14 x 11 x 8 cm
Volume: 225 ml

Place of origin: handcrafted in Tokoname, Japan