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AZMAYA Oval Tea Pot Hirakyusu

€110,00 EUR

This is the teapot that uses the technology of Tokoname, which has long been a famous teapot production area in Japan. An unglazed finishing is applied on the product and the smooth surface gloss increases each time you brew tea, and handle it.

The design on the opposite side of the spout, like a western teapot, is called the "rear hand." By making a protrusion on the inside of the handle, it gets a better and more comfortable fitting for the fingers while handling, which make the pot easy to use for anyone, regardless if you are right or left handed.

As the Japanese name implies, this teapot is flat and has a large opening. Tea leaves are easy to be put in and removed, and there is enough space for tea leaves to sufficiently infuse inside.

The inner tea strainer is made by making fine holes in the ceramic plate. And it has a unique structure that does not easily clog the tea leaves while straining them.

it is important for the tea to be thoroughly steamed, and to be able to pour out all the drops, and that the lid and the main unit should close properly. This teapot achieves its high sealing performance by adding a special process called "liding", which requires the craftsman to rub the lid and body multiple times until the finishing is perfect!

  • L170mm x W105mm x H79mm

Place of Origin : Tokoname, Japan