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AZMAYA Copper Kettle

€245,00 EUR €350,00 EUR

Elegant design, simple functionality and quality craftsmanship come together into the making of this exceptional copper kettle. Copper conducts heat efficiently so that the water can be brought to the boiling point much more quickly.

The kettle is light weighted yet durable, and if it could be used with care, it will provide many years of service for your family.

Note: The exterior surface of each kettle is protected with a beeswax coating when it is new. As the coating wears off after use, the kettle will start to darken slowly. This is the beauty of the aging process given to this product, which is also one part of the original concept of design.

Not suitable for use with IH stoves.
  • Material: Copper with Nickel plated interior
  • Size: W200 × D175 × H240 mm (including handle, around 150 mm from bottom to the lid's knob)
  • Capacity: 2.18 L
  • Weight: 620 g
Place of origin: Tsubame, Nigata, Japan