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AZMAYA Tea Pot / Hot Pot Stand

€55,00 EUR

Cast Iron Trivot to put your favorite kettle on. Designed with teak tips on each foot to avoid scratching the surface of the table. Made in the city of casting where the tradition of southern Ironworks is prominent, made in Mizusawa factory in Iwate Prefecture. Because of its heavy weight, it does not wobble even if you put a hot pot on it, it is safe and steady.

The color is from the oxide film made by burning in a high temperature kiln. By adding camellia and "grilling the oil", the color deepens. Everyday, the unique coloring deepens while using, the enjoyment unique to casting. 

After use, the heat transferred from the pot will remain for a while, so please use the pot holders etc until touching the tricot, avoid touching with your bare hands. Also, in rugged places there is a possibility of rusting, please dry thoroughly and keep it in a dry place.

Designer : Osamu Saruyama

  • Dimensions: φ12.5cm×H3.0cm
  • Material: Cast Iron
Place of origin: Iwata Prefecture, Japan