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Tea Leaf Incense : Green Tea, Hakka Mint, Chai Latte

€13,00 EUR

  • Unique tea scent series of incense 
  • Along with a light scent, the air is refreshed by the blended tea catechin
  • Japanese incense made in Awaji Island
  • Ease stress, increase focus, and let the incense help change your mood

Morning Gyokuro has a light and slightly sweet gyokuro scent. Premium Gyokuro Green Tea is kneaded into the incense to make this blend. 

Morning Hakka Mint has a light and slightly sweet scent. Premium Hakka Mint leaves are kneaded into the incense to make this blend. 

Chai Latte is a slightly sweet tea scent that compliments your tea and desert setting. A tea scent that does not interfere with breakfast and is familiar to the dining room or kitchen table. It is a nice incense to burn in the morning while you are having a little quiet time before starting your day or afterwards during your tea break.  Premium Tea leaves are kneaded into the incense to make this blend. 

A tea scent that does not interfere with breakfast and is familiar to the dining room or kitchen table. It is a nice incense to burn in the morning while you are having a little quiet time before starting your day or afterwards during your tea break. 

This is also a lovely incense to light during a dinner party, just after dinner is served and desert is being prepared. It takes the smell of food away and leaves a pleasant slightly sweet scent. As it contains natural ingredients, the room’s scent is refreshed with a pleasant scent.

Contents: 15 sticks
Incense length: Approximately 7cm
Burning time: about 15 minutes
Box: 3 × 3 × 10 cm
Tube: Φ18 x H9.7cm

About this incense:

Incense came to Japan with Buddhism from China. After arriving in Japan and being used in ceremonies, the experience of scent took on new forms. Samurai warriors would prepare for battle by purifying their minds and bodies with the incense and developed an appreciation for its fragrances. For nobility at court, there was a game they enjoyed where they would smell incense and guess what ingredients it was made from. Incense also became a way to perfume not only your environment, but used as a perfume for clothes and hair. Eventually incense became accessible to other classes, while always being revered as something extremely precious. This developed into an incense-smelling ceremony called Kodo or, “The Way of Fragrance”.

We still enjoy incense in this way. You You Ang comes from the Japanese words, “youyou-jiteki” which means to act naturally without any restraints and to live with a relaxed feeling. It is for those who wish to take little of time to enjoy a moment with yourself, or to share with loved ones, with the belief that incense, “Makes time to clean your heart”. This incense series is for meditation, relaxation, and to uplift your spirit.

You You Ang’s incense continues to be produced in the birthplace of incense, Awaji Island. 

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