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UNO HAKE Nail Brush (Hard)

€75,00 EUR

For care of nails and heels. White pig hair is one of the strongest of animal hairs and is used for harder scrubbing. You can use this on your nails, and heels.

Uno Hake brushes started their business in 1917. Currently Ms. Chieko Uno works with her daughter Michiyo to continue their family craft. These brushes have been modernized to have an array of modern uses. For home use, to clean your face, body, clothes, shoes, etc.

To achieve this the type of animal hair need to be chosen and prepared for each product. Each type of hair has a different texture needs to be treated with oil.

“Hake” are brushes formed by separate pieces of wood. After drilling small holes in one piece of wood, they attach the strands of hair by hand because it is the only way that they can ensure they are tight enough. After this this they bond the wood with the main piece. After this the hairs are cut to symmetry. The mother and daughter of the Uno family have a history with these materials and create products suitable for each occasion.

Type: Hard
Material: Wood:Magnolia obovata
Hair: White Pig
Size: W8.5 x L5.5 x H3.5 cm