Iron Candle Stick
Iron Candle Stick

Iron Candle Stick Holder

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Iron Candle Stick Holder


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  • A small earthy candle stick holder that suits any space
  • Made by a company working with metals for over 400 years

This solid brass candle stick holder is perfect for holding smaller candles, traditionally used for prayer in Japan; however, it is suitable for supporting almost any style of candle. Easily manoeuvred with its brass handle, its rustic, handmade appearance lends a cozy atmosphere to any home.

Crafted in Toyama, a region known for its metalworking legacy spanning over 400 years.

Size : W9.5x D7 x H3cm
Weight : 155g
Material : Iron
Producing Area : Takaoka City
Design : Masataka Sumitani

Care: Use a soft cloth to clean the incense holder.