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Soft Face Brush

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Soft Face Brush


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  • 290,000 50-micron filaments for deep and gentle skin cleansing
  • Antibacterial properties ensure longer-lasting effectiveness
  • Brush handle carved from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) wood
  • Specialized care item designed to boost skin confidence

The 50 micron ultra-fine hair is processed by Japanese craftsmen to gently remove sebum and fine dirt. Made of soft Kanekato hair (acrylic hair) with a texture similar to animal hair. Approximately 480,000 pieces of high density for an extremely comfortable feel, and it is less irritating to the skin, so it can be used for babies and people with sensitive skin. The gentle touch allows for a moderate, yet firm wash, while protecting the natural barrier of your skin. All materials and processing are made in Japan.

Recommended Use:

1. Rub the soap in the palm of your hand, apply the brush and turn it to the foam when you twirl it.

2. After the foam is lathered up, you can collect the bubbles in the brush.

3. Wash gently with a small circular motion to glide the foam

Point: Wash  wet skin with a soft tip of the bristles and caress your skin. It is easy to remove dirt and old exfoliates in order to prevents skin problems

Keep it in a beautiful condition forever:

The brush is made of acrylic fibre which protects against bacteria.

Additionally, the highly fragrant, antibacterial handle is made of Japanese Cypress Hinoki, with a string for hanging and drying for hygienic storage. After use, rinse the brush thoroughly and drain the water, and store in a well-ventilated place as possible. Please be aware that soap and foam residue on the brush may cause premature deterioration and mould growth

Made in Gifu Prefecture, Japan