Ruhaku - Moist Charge
Ruhaku - Moist Charge
Ruhaku - Moist Charge
RUHAKU Moist Charge
RUHAKU Moist Charge
RUHAKU Moist Charge

Ruhaku - Moist Charge Cream

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Ruhaku - Moist Charge Cream


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  • Made from rare Japanese plants and all-natural, organic ingredients
  • Moisture cream that provides skin softness and elasticity
  • To be smoothed onto face morning and evening
  • For all skin types

People who live in a dry environment and in which the water is hard tend to have lower secretory capacity of sebum, and the cuticles are likely to be thick. This is the moisture cream that makes such skins soft and elastic with a lightweight texture that does not feel sticky.

GETTOU that has a high antioxidant effect and care the UV damage will leads to fresh and youthful skin. The precious waters of aloe vera and gettou moisturise the skin, while ceramides and vegetable oils protect it from dryness. Precious extracts prepare the skin to face pollution, oxidation, and UV rays to prevent and reduce aging.

Five precious vegetable oils nourish the skin and protect it from dryness.

  • Ceramides (Ceramide AP, Ceramide NP) strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Aloe vera and calendula extract prevent and soothe inflammation.
  • Gettou extract, with its high antioxidants, heals damage caused by UV rays.
  • Camellia Japonica flower extract provides a high anti-pollution effect.
  • Albatrellus Confluens extract protects the skin from damage caused by infrared rays.

User Guide: Take a small quantity and smooth over face in the morning and evening.

New FormulaThe formula of this new cream is improved and more luxurious. It is enriched with precious ingredients and extracts to offer a higher level of indulgence and rejuvenation.

Volume: 30 g
Tested on sensitive skin. Made in Japan