Ruhaku - Reset Cleansing Oil

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Ruhaku - Reset Cleansing Oil


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How to Use
  • Made from rare Japanese plants and all-natural, organic ingredients
  • Removes makeup and impurities without damaging the skin
  • Provides radiant skin with its skin toning and beauty oils as well as pleasant aroma with its infused Gettou herbs
  • For all skin types

The cleansing oil removes make-up and impurities, as excess sebum without damaging the natural protection of your skin. Besides, it restores the thick extra layer of dead skin cells caused by disruption of the skin cycle, caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays which results into skin aging.

Features: While applying, let yourself relax with the fresh and pleasant aroma of the Gettou herb. Formulated from AHA natural sources coming from 5 botanical extracts, this reset cleansing oil will leave your skin to a shining and clean state. Skin toning lotions and beauty oils easily penetrate smooth and radiant skin that has been exfoliated.

User Guide: Take a small amount and gently smooth over dry face. Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil, rinse thoroughly with water.

Volume: 100 ml
Place of Origin: Okinawa, Japan 

  • Take a good quantity onto dry hands then gently smooth the oil onto your face
  • Wet your face to emulsify the cleansing oil, then rinse thoroughly with water