Nikka Whisky "From the Barrel"
Nikka Whisky "From the Barrel"

Nikka Whisky "From the Barrel"

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Nikka Whisky "From the Barrel"


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  • Japanese delicious whisky
  • Full body with aroma and flavour
  • Nice packaging for gifting

This whisky is made by blending the well matured and aged malt and grain liquor, and then it is re-barrelled for another several months. Many re-stored whiskeys are adjusted to an alcohol level of about 40-45% by adding water before bottling, but this "From the Barrel" whisky minimises adding water and has an exceptional alcohol level of 51%, while delivering a rich and delicate aroma, in addition to the unique harmony taste created through the re-storage process.

Recommended ways to drink this whisky:

1) "Highball" whisky and soda. Since the alcohol content is "51%", the ratio of whiskey and soda is recommended to be around [1: 3.5]. Of course, you can add more soda if you like.

2) On The Rocks. If you want to enjoy the richness of "51% alcohol", then on the rocks is the best way to drink this whisky. Or you can use crushed ice (whiskey mist). The aroma and taste are well balanced.

Alcohol: 51%
Volume: 500ml

Due to US custom restrictions on alcohols, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States.