Nigori Umeshu Plum Wine -
Nigori Umeshu - Plum
Nigori Umeshu - Plum
Nigori Umeshu - Plum

Nigori Umeshu - Plum Wine

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Nigori Umeshu - Plum Wine


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  • A delicious plum liqueur
  • Delicious "on the rocks" or mixed into a cocktail 

Nigori Umeshu is a Japanese plum liqueur made in an artisanal way by the small Asahara Shuzo brewery founded in 1882 in Okumusashi on the edge of the Kanto plain. Ume are small green plums typical of East Asia, of which a variety specially brought from the Dazaifu temple in Kyushu is grown in Okumusashi in an area nicknamed "plum hill".

Harvested by local producers then washed by hand and dried, the plums chosen for their thick flesh will be macerated for 6 months in a neutral alcohol. At the end of the maceration, they are removed to be mixed with fresh plums and transformed into a puree which is added to the liqueur which then becomes a Nigori Umeshu, an unfiltered plum liqueur.

The intensity of the fruity aromas of the flesh of the plums gives a rich and generous texture, the smoothness of which can be appreciated by shaking the bottle before serving. It is recommended to serve this umeshu with after it has been refrigerated or with an ice cube or crushed ice. 

Produced from Ume(Japanese plum). From this fruit, is produced an incredible non filtered, rich and unctuous, marked by the almond, the quetsche. A product pure and remarkably balanced, between sweetness and acidity. A dense and sweet mouth, but that leaves the palate fresh and available after tasting. Serve as an aperitif, fresh on ice, or at the time of dessert.

Associations are possible during the meal, for example with poelled foie gras or a duck breast. It is also an original digestive idea to finish on a cool and fruity. Nigori umeshu is also an excellent base of cocktails to pair with champagne or the whiskies.

Volume: 500ml
Alcohol: 12.5%
Brewery: Asahara Shuzo (Saitama Prefecture)

Remarks: Due to US custom restrictions on alcohols, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States.