Organic Cotton Hand Hand
Organic Cotton Hand
Organic Cotton Hand
Organic Cotton Hand
Organic Cotton Hand
Organic Cotton Hand
Organic Cotton Hand

Organic Cotton Hand Towels

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Color:White Hand Towel
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Organic Cotton Hand Towels

White Hand Towel


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  • Traditionally woven and colored towels with 4 layers of durability and no chemical dyes
  • Allows for great water absorption and is quick to dry
  • Ability to become extremely soft after each use
  • Incredibly soft hand towel that works well in both bathrooms and kitchens

Our Organic Cotton Hand Towels offer superior absorbency and are crafted with sustainably sourced organic cotton. Soft and luxurious, their generous size is perfect for everyday use. Get the best of comfort and convenience with these organic towels.

Size: 35 x 85 cm
Weaving: 4 layers
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Place of Origin: Japan

Product Key Features:

  1. Great capacity of water absorption
  2. Become really soft after washing/removal of coating
  3. Much more long-lasting, Nawrap towels are much stronger than normal one layer weaved towel
  4. Great breathability, thus much quicker to dry

Natural Linen : 50% Cotton, 50% Linen
Natural Rayon : 100% RayonNatural Charcoal Infused Dishcloth
Size unfolded: 35 x 35cm
6 layers of material
Made in Japan

Instructions for washing:

  • Washing machine safe, with a recommended washing temperature 40 degrees and below, but allows up to 60 degrees maximum
  • After washing, please allow the towel to dry naturally, dryer is not recommended
  • After drying, please iron the towel to make it softer before usage