Brass Pizza
Brass Pizza
Brass Pizza

Brass Pizza Scoop

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Brass Pizza Scoop


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  • Elegantly designed slim Brass Pizza
  • Bring an elegant touch to your dining
  • The brass ages beautifully 
  • Hand made by a metal craftsman

A Beautiful Pizza Scoop designed by Lue and handmade by Japanese metalworkers. This Pizza Scoop is always a conversation piece and makes eating a casual pizza and elegant occasion.

Working in collaboration with the makers at the workshop Lue continues to produce new pieces pressed from one flat sheet of pure brass. These pieces look beautiful in any home and will only become more beautiful as it ages with the oxidation and handling as the metal reacts to the natural oils on your hands.

Approx Dimensions: W60 × L24.5 cm
Weight: 45g
Material: Brass
Place of Origin: Okayama, Japan