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Tea Scooper

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Tea Scooper



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  • Crafted by Kyoto's legendary Tea Canister manufacturer
  • A tea caddy that will last for generations

Handmade tea scoop so that you can measure the right amount of tea leaves.

Kaikado tea canisters have been handmade one by one using the same process and the same method for over 100 years.

Product Size: H6.8 x W3.5cm
Place of Origin: Japan

Proper care and handling of your tea scoop:
- Please do not wash. Prior to shipping the products are thoroughly sanitised
- Please do not place in a refrigerator or freezer as the material is -susceptible to moisture and humidity. If you should get water on your caddy, please wipe it off with a soft dry cloth and gently rub to avoid moisture spots.
- After your purchase you will perceive a normal yet subtle change in the colour tone of your spoon: copper in 2-3 months, brass in 1-2 years and tin in 3-5 years. Like fine wine it becomes even more appreciated with age.