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Hiba Essential Oil

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Hiba Essential Oil


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How to Use


  • High quality Hiba essential oils from Aomori
  • Can be used in the bath or to change the fragrance in a room
  • Made from Hiba wood to provide a spicy and woody scent to bring deep relaxation

Essential oil extracted by powdering Aomori Hiba and using the steam distillation method. Add a few drops to the bath or aroma pot to enjoy the scent of Hiba, or add a few drops to the washing machine detergent to eliminate unpleasant odors such as those from drying clothes indoors.

The story of Hinokitiol contained in Aomori Hiba Essential Oil:
Aomori Hiba is a tree with such a strong scent that it is also known as the scent of Japan, but this is because it contains a special ingredient called Hinokitiol. From its name, Hinokitiol is thought to be an ingredient contained within Hinoki cypress, but in fact it is hardly found in Japanese Hinoki cypress. Aomori Hiba is the tree from which natural Hinokitiol can be extracted in large quantities. Hinokitiol has special powers, and even at low concentrations, it has a strong antibacterial and insect repellent effect that inhibits the growth of germs, mould, mites, and other harmful bacteria. In addition to preventing the growth of germs, the antibacterial properties of Hinokitiol also prevent the bad odours that germs give off. In other words, it wraps around and eliminates unpleasant odours, leaving only a refreshing scent behind.

Material: Hiba - 12ml with inner stopper
Distillation: Steam distillation method
Place of Origin: Aomori prefecture in Japan 

Expiration date: Use within one year after opening.
When storing, avoid high temperatures and store upright in a place out of direct sunlight.
Do not apply the undiluted solution to your skin.

  • For a bath: 2-3 drops in the bathtub
  • For a sauna: add few drops to the water and splash it to the sauna rocks or coal for relaxing aroma steams.
  • To Refresh: 1-2 drops on a tissue or a handkerchief. Place on your bedside or desk and enjoy the scent.
  • For a diffuser: 3 to 6 drops.
  • For a potpourri: 3 to 6 drops.