Black Frost Rock
Black Frost Rock
Black Frost Rock
Black Frost Rock

Black Frost Rock Glass

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Black Frost Rock Glass


Récupération disponible, habituellement prête en 24 heures

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  •  Frosted old fashioned glass from Eternal Glass series. 
  • Sleek sleek shape / heavy glass base
  • Frost processing that makes foaming finer for carbonated drinks
  • The ultimate Black Frosted finish prevents light from penetrating through 
  • Handmade by Japanese artisans (Artisan: Tajima)
  • Lifetime warranty

With the skill of experienced craftsmen, the sharp and smooth shape and powerful size allow you to enjoy your drink more deliciously than usual. This is Frosted glass makes cold drink look colder. It has simple and polished form. Gently carved design fits our hands naturally.

Comes with a lifetime warranty (even if damaged it can be replaced regardless of year of ownership or reason for breakage)

Diameter: φ9.4 x H9 cm
Capacity: Approx. 200ml
Weight: Approx. 360 g