Inban Print Rice (Flower)
Inban Print Rice (Flower)
AZMAYA Rice Bowl Hanakazari Floral
Rice (Mirror)
Rice (Window)

Inban Printed Rice Bowl

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Style:Hanakazari (Flower)
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Inban Printed Rice Bowl

Hanakazari (Flower)


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  • Rice bowls featuring designs by artist Tachibana Fumio
  • 3 patterns available
  • Designers collaborate with craftsmen to create an exceptional product

A leading product from Shiratakegama. The artist Fumio Tachibana designed the patterns used based on a motif of the ruffled borders used in letterpress printing. The design of each bowl is painstakingly applied by the craftsman’s hands using a transfer method called inban or stamping. These are outstanding pieces that compliment any dinner table.

Kagami Mirror: Thick blue rectangles arranged horizontally.
Madobe Window: Thin blue rectangles arranged vertically.
Hanakazari Flowers: mixture of graphic symbols streaming from rim of the bowl and runs inside the bowl as well.

Inban is one of the printing techniques used in Japan where a pattern is transferred from paper to porcelain. The craftsman wets the patterned “tensha-gami” (printing paper) then places it on unglazed pottery. After they are dried, the porcelain is glazed and baked to create a perfect little dish. Since they are handmade, each item is unique.

Dimension: φ11.5 x H7 cm
Place of Origin: Japan

Care Instruction: 
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.
Oven and Freezer Unsafe.