Cheese Knife

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Cheese Knife


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  • Beautiful brass cheese knife
  • Pairs well with the Azmaya Cheese Board 
  • Collaboration between modern design and craftsmen

This knife is made of stainless steel with a brass handle. The blade is thin, which ensures the cut of the cheese will always be smooth.

The blade is made with high quality stainless steel which is heated for maximum hardness and sharpened repeatedly to achieve its perfect razor-like finish. The knife is then assembled by encasing the stainless steel blade into the brass handle. Stainless rivets keep the pieces fixed in place.

The brass handle will change colour into a darker caramel brown with use and oxidation giving it a richer and precious vintage look. In Japan we find this ageing process beautiful. A beautiful addition to your table.

Azmaya has a lovely Cheese Board that compliments the knife.

Dimension: W171xD31xH6mm
Brass Handle: Copper 60%, Zinc 40%
Blade: Stainless Steel
Place of origin: Toyama, Japan

Care: Dishwasher safe but we prefer to hand wash and treat as you would your other silver and brassware.