Premium Organic Yuzu juice from Kochi prefecture

Premium Organic Yuzu juice from Kochi prefecture

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We were so pleased to discover this amazing Yuzu farmer from Aichi in southern Japan. He is so enthusiastic about what he does and we always have enormous respect for someone so dedicated to their craft. It was wonderful to learn about Yuzu from him and of course after trying it, we could understand this is truly amazing Yuzu juice. 

His yuzu is harvested from 50 to 100 year old yuzu trees which were all grown from seeds, other yuzu is mostly grown with grafted trees. Juice from these old trees grown have a much deeper flavour.

This is farmer is one of only 3 farmers in Kochi that grows organic yuzu. He keeps the bugs away by tying paper bags around them to protect them. Taking care of these old trees requires serious dedication and school as a tree doctor and farmer. There is a limited supply a very dedicated farmer 

No additives or preservatives are used, and the fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. With most other juices, salt is added so that the can be preserved. He adds no salt but because of his bottling he is able to have a shelf life of 1 year. We hope you have a chance to try what is arguably the most premium organic Yuzu juice on the market. He recommends not just adding some for drinks but to also try cooking with it because of its deep flavour. Many prominent restaurants and chefs in Japan use his juice already.