PENCO Prime Timber Pencil (Brass)

PENCO Prime Timber Pencil (Brass)


"Prime Timber Brass" using solid brass parts for prime timber using domestic 2 mm core for pencil appeared. B body is set in the main body, with a special scraping device. Hexagon of wood axis is easy to grip, writing ease.

Ref: FT122

Packing dimension: width 4.5 × height 20.0 × depth 1.0 (cm)

Material: Incense cedar, brass, ABS (core mill)

Country of origin: Japan


  • When putting the core in the core sharpener, if the core is put out too long, it causes core breakage.

  • After use of the core scraper, powder of cutting core will come out and the surroundings will get dirty so please close the black cap fast.

  • When the powder of the core accumulates in the core scraper, take it upside down on the paper, wrap it and throw it in the trash can.

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