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A storage case of 2 WAY specification which can be used either in folded or unfolded. The tarpaulin is a material originally used for tents, etc. It is strong against dirt and water wetness, and it can be used hard regardless of the scene. Fold it in a triple and change it into a slightly elongated shape like a pouch with folding in half.

  • Ref: GP070
  • Dimension: W20.0 × H8.0 × L1.5 (cm) 
  • Colors available: gray, black, white & light blue
  • Material: PVC


  • Depending on the product in the process of production, some errors may occur in size. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • Due to the specifications of the product, bending and misalignment of PVC sheet is invariably.
  • There are some rough parts such as fraying of the stitch, misalignment of the hook and loop tape.
  • Because of the nature of the material, if you keep it folded for a long time, please understand beforehand that the folded part may discolor.
  • When it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth impregnated with a mild detergent. Do not use alcohol or acid detergent.
  • There is fear of discoloration and fading if it hits direct sunlight for a long time.