PENCO Knock Ball Point Pen

PENCO Knock Ball Point Pen


A collection which offers a big color variations, which allows you to easily match the color of the cover of your notebooks.

  • Ref: FT062

  • Dimension: Φ 1 × H 14 (cm)

  • Weight: 8 g

  • Composition: Butylate plastic

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HIGHTIDE is one of the leading stationary brands in Japan, selling their collections in more than 1200 stores.

With a variety of lines including Penco, Nahe, Butler, Wax, PH, Re-Standard, Duram, each line with it’s own particular style whilst committed to Hightide’s level of excellence and functionality to it’s smallest detail. Hightide uses various craftsmen or techniciens with the experience and skill to achieve this standard. From high-tech, to office use, to home use, to back to school, to playful and cute stationary and stickers, everyone can enjoy Hightide colorful and functional products.